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A career path that knows no limits.

“I have spent the last 15 years in insurance. However, like thousands before me, it wasn't my preferred sector, “I fell into it,” and found myself a part of this complex industry. It is apparent that people are simply ill-informed of the wide range of opportunities the sector can offer. Degrees in engineering, computer science, marketing, nursing and mathematics are absolutely relevant to a number of roles in the sector.”
- Dan Marsh, Managing Director Blake Oliver

Why Work in Insurance?

Insurance is the best kept secret. It’s the ‘hidden gem’ of the financial services sector. Unfortunately, as a result not many students know about where a career in insurance can take them.

Most people fall into it… and love it! They love it because it’s challenging, it’s actually fun, and they are in charge of their own career trajectory.  Whether you like to be around people, crunching numbers, looking for trends, or visiting different sites, there is a job for everyone!

Our goal at Blake Oliver Connect is to connect students to leading industry organisations and show you why this is such an amazing career opportunity.

View the ‘For Students’ page for more information about the viable career paths in the insurance industry.

What is Blake Oliver Connect?

Blake Oliver Connect, in conjunction with ANZIIF and InsurTech Australia, is an exclusive, invitation-only networking event for shortlisted successful students. At this event students will be paired with organisations that will be a good career fit.

Our goal is to:

  1. Educated students about the diverse career opportunities in the insurance industry.
  2. Connect students with leading global companies with graduate/entry-level jobs available.
  3. Increase the talent pool of students entering the insurance industry. We want people to choose this industry, instead of ‘falling’ into it.


Blake Oliver Connect is essentially a networking event, but better. We help you bridge the gap between university and a career.

Statistics from Melbourne Event (Oct 2022)


of students who attended the event are now considering a job in the insurance industry.


of students said that the networking opportunities for career development were valuable.

Blake Oliver Connect

Student Feedback:

“Learnt a lot about the insurance industry which I never considered”

“I love the part where students are assigned to sit with people from the industry. It is much easier to communicate and learn more insights from the industry.”

“Interacting with key industry players.”

“Meeting with heads of the industry.”

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