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What is ‘Insurance’?

Insurance is known as the ‘hidden gem’ of the financial services industry.
It has less red tape and more autonomy than its more well-known siblings in the financial field.

It’s an industry that most people ‘fall’ into and rare for them to leave.
You won’t have a job for life, but you’ll have an industry for life that keeps you excited, motivated and wanting more.


How would you like to spend your work day?
A long client lunch? Hiding in the background playing with micros, macros and pivot tables? Visiting a site to assess risks?
No matter what you’re looking for, there is a perfect job waiting for you. 

Insurance is Everywhere… the world relies on it.

Perks of a Job in Insurance

If you're studying the below fields, you have a strong career path in the Insurance Industry

Commerce and Finance Students

Finance / Banking / Accounting / Commerce / Business / Economics

Engineering and Construction students

Engineering / Construction

Medical jobs in insurance

Nursing / Medical / Biology

IT / Tech / Data Science

Law / Legal

What is Blake Oliver Connect?

Blake Oliver Connect, in conjunction with ANZIIF and InsurTech Australia, are hosting a networking luncheon targeted at students to bridge the gap between university and a career.

Sit down with CEOs and Hiring Managers from industry leading companies and learn about the viable and exciting career opportunities in the insurance industry.

This event could lead to a job in broking, underwriting, insurtech, reinsurance, claims and risk management.

This all-expenses paid opportunity is your chance to meet future employers in the insurance industry and will allow you to learn more about the sector in a formal setting alongside other students.

There’ll be 12 different tables, each hosted by a different organisation. Each table will have 3 key people from the company (CEO, HR Representative & Rising Star). You’ll be paired with a table looking for graduates with your field of study. Throughout the luncheon you’ll learn about the company, the positions they have available and have the opportunity to ask questions to senior and leading people in their business.

It is kind of like a networking event, but way better. There’s nothing like this where you’ll be paired with an organisation looking for your skills.

Statistics from the 2022 Melbourne Event


of students who attended the event are now considering a job in the insurance industry.


of students said that the networking opportunities for career development were valuable.

Blake Oliver Connect

Student Feedback:

“Learnt a lot about the insurance industry which I never considered”

“I love the part where students are assigned to sit with people from the industry. It is much easier to communicate and learn more insights from the industry.”

“Interacting with key industry players.”

“Meeting with heads of the industry.”

Upcoming Events

Establishment Ballroom

How can I attend?

Step 1: Apply by clicking ‘Register Here’ below. (note this will take you to RSVPify

Step 2: We conduct video interviews of all eligible students and hand-pick who we deem most suitable for the insurance industry and match them to an organisation attending the event.

After the Event

Organisations receive access to an exclusive website containing video interviews of not just the students at their table, but all students at the event.

It is up to the organisation to reach out to any student they wish to hire for an internship, invite to participate in a graduate program, or offer an entry level position.